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Quick Overview of the 709/705 CVP

pixofCVPHere is a “quick” overview of the CVP 709/705 & 609/605.  This ‘short’ video presents a quick look at the Voices, Registrations, Song Playback & Record and Styles.  Mind you – this is only the tip of the iceberg!


A Clavinova Minute

Take a minute – a Clavinova minute – to learn just one feature or function of this incredible instrument.  You’ll be glad you did!   Right now there are SEVENTEEN Clavinova Minutes videos. More will be added soon!

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Clavinova E-Courses – EXPECT TO LEARN

If you own a YAMAHA CVP Clavinova, you have an incredible instrument.   If you want to unlock the value of this awesome digital piano, we can help. Our E-Courses are more accessible and convenient than ever with pdf instructions and video links delivered right to your email in box.  No time limit and no website to log in to. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.

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