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Being Present in . . .

Being present in the Piano Lesson.

Children live in the moment. Now is where children always are. Let’s meet them there!

Are you ever so busy in your own life or have distracting issues outside the lesson that cause you to not give your full attention to your student in his allotted lesson time?   Or do you find it difficult to have patience with a student, even pre-judging his ability to adequately prepare his lesson each week?

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CVP 709/705 E-Course Discount Package


Crack the Code on your Clavinova!  For a limited time FOUR E-Courses for the CVP 709/705 are offered in a Discount Package!  The following E-Courses valued at $93.00 are available at a 25% discount for $69.75.

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Quick Overview of latest CVP

pixofCVPHere is a “quick” overview of the CVP 709/705 & 609/605.  This ‘short’ video presents a quick look at the Voices, Registrations, Song Playback & Record and Styles.  Mind you – this is only the tip of the iceberg!


Clavinova Festival

Piano students – both young and not-so-young – have been participating in the Clavinova Festival for nearly twenty-eight years.  If you teach piano, consider enrolling your students in this highly motivational event.  Perform any song you’d like at the Clavinova Festival: debut your own composition, or choose an old favorite in any musical genre. There are only two rules: you must play a Yamaha Clavinova CVP digital piano and you must have fun! Read more »


Catch the Vision at KETS 17 – 2018


Catch the Vision at KETS 17 (2018) this coming June!

Keyboard Ensemble & Technology Seminar is June 14 -21 at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK.   KETS is an innovative 8-day technology seminar for piano teachers, music educators and church musicians with focus on digital keyboard ensembles, teaching strategies (both individual and group) and performance on the YAMAHA CVP Clavinova.  There is so much more – too much to reference here!  Read more for video . . .

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Free Music


Here is the sheet music to “In the Good Old Summertime” for you to download and play on your Clavinova.   The pdf includes the lead sheet music and Set-Up instructions for you to play along with a Style, so no need for a MIDI Song file.  Set-Up instructions also include Player/Teacher options.  So as Summer comes and goes . . . have fun on your incredible Clavinova!

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All Things Clavinova

Please check out the posts in this drop down Clavinova Category – A Clavinova Minute, USER friendly MANUALS, Clavinova E-Courses and Clavinova Music.  Thank you!

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Clavinova Music

These are delightful MIDI Song files and Registrations for performance or study on your favorite Clavinova! We have made short videos of them to give you an idea of what they sound like. Most come with a PDF of set-up instructions for Registrations, or the MIDI Song to play along with. We have just begun to upload them from our large library.   Read more »


A Clavinova Minute

Take a minute – a Clavinova minute – to learn just one feature or function of this incredible instrument.  You’ll be glad you did!   Right now there are SEVENTEEN Clavinova Minutes videos. More will be added soon!

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User Friendly Manuals and Books

It can be very frustrating when the user manual that comes with the instrument tells you WHAT the instrument does, but not HOW to use it.   So we put the “friendly” in USER friendly MANUAL with how-to steps! Seventy-three pages of step-by-step easy to follow instructions.   Plus, music projects that Read more »