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Mad Mountain King

Have you ever noticed the SYNC/STOP button in the STYLE area on your CVP?  It’s right next to the SYNC/START button.  Perhaps you’ve never used it, or just wondered how to use it . . . what musical purpose does it serve?  “Mad Mountain King” is a great way to learn how to use the feature AND a fun song to play along with a STYLE on your Clavinova.   Download the pdf/music below and enjoy bringing this Halloween-ish tune into the 21st century on your incredible Clavinova!  TEACHERS:  the STYLE feature is perfect for helping your students learn chords.  And most kiddos will recognize this infectious melody by Grieg!

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Welcome FOUR new pieces for your elementary beginner students to be used in a most FLEXible way!

Four Fun Familiar pieces in the FLEX GROUP ~

  • “Chiapanecus” (Mexican Hand Clapping Song) student plays clapping response
  • “Hickory Dickory Dock” student plays tick tocks
  • “Are You Sleeping?” student plays echo part
  • “Old MacDonald Had a Band” student plays E-I-E-I-O part and Bridge
Video/Demo of 4 FLEX Group Songs

Download free preview of “Chiapanecus” (includes Teacher Options, Teacher Acc., Student Part) and mp3 below

Chiapanecus mp3

Purchase FLEX GROUP set of 4 pieces including Teacher Options, mp3 and MIDI file

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Four pieces (Student part & Teacher Accmp.), Teacher Options pdf, mp3



One-on-One Clavinova Video Lessons

Clavinova Lessons

What do you want to learn today? New video lessons are now available!

The first SIX of many Video Lessons are available now for your CVP 400/500, 609/605 & 709/705 Series. Purchase them now and watch at your convenience. Pause, rewind, take notes and explore the Feature or Function at your leisure. Each Lesson is $39. Below is a listing of topics covered in each lesson.

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NEW E-Course! Clavinova Canapés

Jump start your fun Clavinova projects with E-Course No. 30!

There are many seemingly small but very important functions and features on your Clavinova.  Our NEW E-Course No. 30 offers bite-sized topics with pdf instructions and videos to help you taste success at your CVP.  Whether you’re working on a performance, a recording, playing with a Style, teaching, or just having fun, these Canapés are just what you’re looking for!

Prerequisite: basic knowledge of your CVP 709 or 705.

E-Course No. 30

Clavinova Canapes


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Your ‘level-up’ E-Course! Multi-Track Recording – Intermediate Level for the CVP 709/705

Kick your recording knowledge up a notch with E-Course No. 29!

Learn how to record different Voices on a single track, how to record and/or insert different Volumes within a single track, and how to record and/or insert Tempo changes (accelerando & ritardando). Also learn about Quantizing tracks that include trills and glissandos, and what Panning is and how to use it.

Prerequisite is having had the Entry Level Multi-Track Recording E-Course No. 23, or knowledge of recording multiple tracks, Quantizing, editing incorrect notes, using the MIXER to change Voices and Volumes and how to set beginning Tempos.

Two Recording Projects are included along with a pre-recorded MIDI Song file.


E-Course No. 29

Multi-Track Recording - Intermediate Level - for the CP 709/705


Selecting the PayPal button allows you to pay either with your credit card or through PayPal.   Contact Susan using the form below if you have questions.



Being Present in . . .

Being present in the Piano Lesson.

Children live in the moment. Now is where children always are. Let’s meet them there!

Are you ever so busy in your own life or have distracting issues outside the lesson that cause you to not give your full attention to your student in his allotted lesson time?   Or do you find it difficult to have patience with a student, even pre-judging his ability to adequately prepare his lesson each week?

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CVP 709/705 E-Course Discount Package


Crack the Code on your Clavinova!  For a limited time FOUR E-Courses for the CVP 709/705 are offered in a Discount Package!  The following E-Courses valued at $93.00 are available at a 25% discount for $69.75.

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Quick Overview of the 709/705 CVP

pixofCVPHere is a “quick” overview of the CVP 709/705 & 609/605.  This ‘short’ video presents a quick look at the Voices, Registrations, Song Playback & Record and Styles.  Mind you – this is only the tip of the iceberg!


Clavinova Festival

Piano students – both young and not-so-young – have been participating in the Clavinova Festival for nearly twenty-eight years.  If you teach piano, consider enrolling your students in this highly motivational event.  Perform any song you’d like at the Clavinova Festival: debut your own composition, or choose an old favorite in any musical genre. There are only two rules: you must play a Yamaha Clavinova CVP digital piano and you must have fun! Read more »


All Things Clavinova

Please check out the posts in this drop down Clavinova Category – A Clavinova Minute, USER friendly MANUALS, Clavinova E-Courses and Clavinova Music.  Thank you!

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