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October 30, 2018


Your ‘level-up’ E-Course! Multi-Track Recording – Intermediate Level for the CVP 709/705

by susano49

Kick your recording knowledge up a notch with E-Course No. 29!

Learn how to record different Voices on a single track, how to record and/or insert different Volumes within a single track, and how to record and/or insert Tempo changes (accelerando & ritardando). Also learn about Quantizing tracks that include trills and glissandos, and what Panning is and how to use it.

Prerequisite is having had the Entry Level Multi-Track Recording E-Course No. 23, or knowledge of recording multiple tracks, Quantizing, editing incorrect notes, using the MIXER to change Voices and Volumes and how to set beginning Tempos.

Two Recording Projects are included along with a pre-recorded MIDI Song file.


E-Course No. 29

Multi-Track Recording - Intermediate Level - for the CP 709/705


Selecting the PayPal button allows you to pay either with your credit card or through PayPal.   Contact Susan using the form below if you have questions.


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  1. Wayne Fritzsche
    Aug 17 2019

    I have a Clavinova CVP 309. would this course be useful for me? The manual is undeciverable. I would like to use many of the features, but I would like to expand my use. I’m intermediate to advanced piano player, and most play my grand piano. I don’t really know chords as I read music. Can you help me, and if so, how.


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