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November 30, 2017

Play Holiday Music Like You Always Wished You Could!

by susano49

Copy of asdfBrewed in portland, or by the sierra madre Brewing CompanyHave you always wanted to just sit down at the piano and play some of your favorite Christmas songs in a creative, musical way, and not worry about playing all of the exact notes on the page?  Maybe you’ve never tried to play from a lead sheet, creating your own style of playing the chords in your left hand along with the right hand melody.  Well you CAN do it!

If you can read music and have minimal chord knowledge, I can help you play Christmas songs in a way that is easy and enjoyable.

This Mini E-Course takes you step by step through a simple process using lead sheets to four Christmas songs – two carols and two popular holiday songs.

You receive a 5-page pdf/instruction guide, music examples, chord building charts, chord style examples, and NINETEEN videos that bring it all together!

If this is something you’ve always wished you could do, what better music to reach your goal than Christmas music!  Impress your friends at Christmas parties, play for family gatherings, or just be alone with your piano in the spirit of the season.

Right now through mid-December this MINI E-Course (regular $75.00) is available at a 10% Discount for $67.50.  Once purchased, the materials will be sent to your email inbox.   So ENROLL and start today – the Season is upon us!

Holiday MINI E-Course

Play Holiday Music (on the Piano) Like You Always Wished You Could!


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