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November 14, 2017

CVP 709/705 E-Course Discount Package

by susano49


Crack the Code on your Clavinova!  For a limited time FOUR E-Courses for the CVP 709/705 are offered in a Discount Package!  The following E-Courses valued at $93.00 are available at a 25% discount for $69.75.

  • E-Course No. 26 – Selecting Voices on the 709/705 (regular $18)
  • E-Course No. 27 – Creating Registrations on the 709/705 (regular $18)
  • E-Course No. 28 – Song editing with MIXER on the 709/705 (regular $18)
  • E-Course No. 23 – Multi-Track Recording (Entry Level) on the 709/705 (regular $39)
  • See full descriptions of each E-Course in the E-Course section!

When you purchase this 25% Discount Package, the pdf/instructions and video links will be sent directly to your email box.  Even if you don’t have time to learn about your CVP right now, consider buying the Package NOW before it goes away.  You’ll have the E-Course materials from now on – waiting for you when you’re ready!

Take advantage of it now – before the savings goes away!


CVP709/705 E-Course Discount Package

Receive FOUR E-Courses valued at $93.00 for a 25% discount price of $69.75.


Selecting the PayPal button allows you to pay either with your credit card or through PayPal.   Contact Susan using the form below if you have questions.


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