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Play Holiday Music Like You Always Wished You Could!

Copy of asdfBrewed in portland, or by the sierra madre Brewing CompanyHave you always wanted to just sit down at the piano and play some of your favorite Christmas songs in a creative, musical way, and not worry about playing all of the exact notes on the page?  Maybe you’ve never tried to play from a lead sheet, creating your own style of playing the chords in your left hand along with the right hand melody.  Well you CAN do it! Read more


NEW Sight-Reading Snippets

Sight-Reading is an invaluable skill. We all know this but rarely find time for it during the lesson. We think: we’ll sight-read after we finish the other more important parts of our lesson. Then – boom – the time is up, the lesson is over and sight-reading is left out once again.Funny thing – it only takes a few minutes to ‘practice’ sight-reading at each lesson.   Unless we have something on-hand and ready to read right now, without wasting precious lesson time finding appropriate music, we don’t follow through.

Students are so distracted during December.  Practice time takes last place in their schedules and brains!  This is the perfect time to hand out a Snippet.  Make good use of lesson time, learn a new skill, and have fun in the process!

So here are TWO short, fun “snippets” you can keep on hand to pull up and sight-read right now! These are perfect for either individual or group lessons.   They work well for acoustic piano or digital keyboards. I have included the sheet music and the mp3’s below.   There are two mp3’s for each Snippet, one at a slow Tempo with “s” at title end and one faster with “f” at the end of the title.  The MIDI song files of course can be altered to any Tempo.

MIDI song files are not ‘uploadable’ here BUT I’m happy to email them to you!  Just fill out the contact form and name which song (or both) you’d like in the comment area.  No need to write a note.  Thank you!

for Jingle Bells Play-Along Score and Parts click here  JBSnippet

for Sugar Plum Fairy Play-Along Score and Parts click here   SPFSnippet

Ensemble ALERT!  These are NOT typical ensembles.  There is no ‘melody’ part or ‘bass’ part.  These are parts to be played-along-with the MIDI song file or mp3, which contain the melody and accompanying parts.





CVP 709/705 E-Course Discount Package

Crack the Code on your Clavinova!  For a limited time FOUR E-Courses for the CVP 709/705 are offered in a Discount Package!  The following E-Courses valued at $93.00 are available at a 25% discount for $69.75.

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NEW Nutcracker Ensembles


Whether for sight reading, studio fun or festival performance, digital keyboard ensembles provide fun and musical growth for every student of every skill level.  Add to this the popular/classical charm of Tschaikowsky’s music of the beloved
Nutcracker Suite, and everyone wins!

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