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July 25, 2016

Clavinova Music

by susano49

These are delightful MIDI Song files and Registrations for performance or study on your favorite Clavinova! We have made short videos of them to give you an idea of what they sound like. Most come with a PDF of set-up instructions for Registrations, or the MIDI Song to play along with. We have just begun to upload them from our large library.   More will be added weekly.

If you’d like Voice, Style or Orchestration ideas for a particular piece of music, please contact us – we’d love to create one just for you or for your students for the Clavinova Festival. Contact Lori Frazer at to get a Clavinova Festival started in your area. It’s the ‘most funnest thing ever’ as one student exclaimed!

“Cavatina” by Stanley Meyers


“Making Faces” by Kevin Olson


“Stepping on the Cracks” by Kevin Olson


“Air Show Acrobatics” by Kevin Olson


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